Encoded Light

Steve Hidinger Bio

Steve Hidinger earned a BFA in Film Studies and a BA in Fine arts, while studying under Stan Brakhage and Phil Solomon at The University of Colorado at Boulder. The work and knowledge of these film pioneers left a lasting impression on Hidinger, inspiring him to experiment with techniques and processes on celluloid using paint, mixed emulsions, chemicals, and projected light.

Hidinger continued his education at CU, earning his MFA in Electronic Media. During that time period he studied under photographer Albert Chong. Albert installed the belief of creating photographs that do not exist in the natural world. Steve applies many film and print making techniques to his photography, including painting on slides then projecting the work onto living subjects, who are then photographed. The multilayered process reveals the depth of his visual investigations into the nature of memory.

Steve Hidinger currently lives in Los Angeles,CA. He is a filmmaker and photographer focusing on experimental processes and documentary filmmaking.


Photography and film

Artist Statement

The camera captures reality in suspended time and all film is documentary. My images document the products of remembering. The long exposure burns a moment into being. I try to explore my subconscious and the emotional landscape of the subject as a shared duration. I combine elements of theatrics, color and composition to achieve this synthesis. For this reason the image is created in camera, with one sweep of a single frame. The hand-painted projections are masks that help free the subjects of their own projected identities, revealing deeper relationships between artist, subject, and time. When photographing I strive to strip away the exterior. The individuals become skinless; exposing a psychological space like an X-ray reveals bone.

Photography and film